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Lyzi is an end-to-end fully regulated platform that helps your brand adopt crypto payment without any hassle

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How does crypto payment works with Lyzi?

Customers pay with crypto
You receive EUR


Scan & Pay

Your customers simply scan the QR Code generated on your Lyzi Scan app and... well that's it! Morever, Lyzi can be directly integrated on all of your cash registers


Instant Off-Ramping

Your customers use their crypto wallets that connects to their Lyzi app. It means they're going to pay with their crypto (BTC, ETH, LYZI, XTZ, USDT etc.). However you will always instantly receive the exact equivalent in EUR


No Volatility

We guarantee the value of your sale. It means that if a customer bought in your shop the equivalent of 100 EUR in BTC at 9:00 am, you'll still have 100 EUR at the end of the day, whether the price of BTC went up or down

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Who are your next customers?

+ 420 million people worldwide have crypto

Omnichannel Strategy
Payment has become an integral part of companies' strategies to reach and retain customers. Crypto payment is the best tool to make this strategy a success
Add a "pioneer" side to your Brand
42% of crypto holders in the world are between 18 and 29. Make sure to keep in touch with them by adapting
your payment methods to crypto
A trillion dollar opportunity
Adapting to crypto payment also means you will be able to tap into a trillion dollar market. You get that opportunity, we handle the rest.
Lyzi helps you display your brand and catch the eyes
of your future customers

Keep in touch with
your customers and shine

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