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It's more than using another currency

Stay in touch with your favourite shops and get unique, exclusive rewards from them

Discover our community, complete some fun quests and earn rewards ranging from LYZI token to unique prizes. Let's have fun together!

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Why use Lyzi?

Instant Crypto to EUR conversion

Use your crypto to buy products you love in our network of merchants and Ecommerces! You pay in crypto, merchants receive EUR


Get exclusive perks and prizes from the shops you love most. Be notified when new brands accept crypto or when they launch exclusive events

Pay in Crypto by scanning a QR Code. It's as simple as that

Your crypto wallet has an impact on the real economy

Our solution for merchants

Sell your products in crypto without any fees.

Yeah you read that right. Using Lyzi is free.

Lyzi can be plugged to +75K Point of sales

Lyzi is integrated into Lyf Pay, Famoco, Easy2Play, Global POS and other points of sale, making the tool super scalable.

A New Way To Retain Customers

Lyzi offers you a new way to retain customers through NFT creation and the Lyzi merchant solution.

Lyzi is free to use
Brands using Lyzi
Our API lets you use Lyzi for your Ecommerce

We built our API library, in order to help you integrate our button and let your customers pay with their crypto on your Ecommerce.

Who is Lyzi for?

All kinds of merchants!


We made sure our solution perfectly matches retailers needs from Luxury to Grocery stores!

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Ecommerces are an ever booming industry. So we made sure Lyzi would help them evolve and adapt to their clients' new payment habits.

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