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December 15, 2023

You Can Now Pay With Crypto At Wereldhave Belgium

And yet another new partner (yes, another one)!

Today, we head to Belgium with Wereldhave Belgium, where from December 18th, you'll be able to use your cryptocurrencies to buy gift cards in their shopping centers!

Wereldhave Belgium, the undisputed leader with 5 renowned shopping centers in Belgium, welcomes no less than 20 million visitors each year 🎉

How to take advantage of this:

1. Go to the service and information points The Point (available in each of the 5 shopping centers).

2. Choose to pay with cryptocurrency using Lyzi when you buy your gift card.

3. Use your gift card directly in almost all the stores! 🚀

The 5 shopping centers:

- Shopping Nivelles

- Shopping Les Bastions

- Shopping Belle-Île

- Shopping Ring

- Shopping 1 Genk

Lyzi enters Belgium

This partnership marks the grand entrance of Lyzi in Belgium, following our previous event with the Black & White Burger chain. But also at the best of times: for the last Christmas gifts!

- Download Lyzi on the App Store

- Download Lyzi on the Play Store

For further information, take a look at the article from L'Echo there !

Stay tuned, we still have surprises in store for the end of the year!

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