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December 8, 2023

Why you should keep your loyalty cards in your wallet

The loyalty card is a part of our daily life, whether during our shopping or even an unexpected purchase. A few savings on your credit card won't hurt you. Whether you use Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, a discount from your favorite merchant will brighten your day. But why store your loyalty card in a wallet? What's the use for the customer or the merchant?

To begin with, what is a wallet?

A wallet is a digital wallet or purse. The difference from a basic (or physical) wallet is the space. Mostly associated with cryptocurrency and its mining, a wallet can be divided into several categories: the storage wallet, to keep your savings; the wallet acting as a quick payment solution when making a credit card payment for your shopping; the wallet for mining, storing, and trading cryptocurrency; and the wallet for storing loyalty points acquired in physical stores and e-commerce.

Building trust between you and Lyzi securely

Lyzi offers a wallet system for your loyalty card, as well as your points. Not to forget our cashback option, which goes up to 5%. Don't know what cashback is? Don't worry; here's the article you need. Thanks to our geolocation feature, you'll get the location of our partner stores. Enjoy exclusive discounts, gift cards, special deals, or direct discount vouchers in your app. Plus, our security system protects your banking data from fraudulent acts committed by scammers, like credit card loyalty fraud. Additionally, the Lyzi app is available for download on Android and iOS.

What types of cards can be stored in mobile app wallets?

But what kinds of cards can be stored in our mobile apps? Whether you're using Lyzi, Hello Bank, or Apple Pay, there is a variety of cards eligible for storage in a wallet. These include loyalty cards, gift cards, payment cards, withdrawal tickets, concert tickets, metro tickets, coupons, third-party payment cards, invitations, cinema tickets, concert tickets, access badges, credit cards (Visa Infinite, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Mastercard, Android Pay...), cryptocurrency, vouchers, and more.

Benefits for Customers and Businesses

As a customer and a merchant in partnership with Lyzi, your business gains visibility among our consumers. Furthermore, our wallet allows, among other things, for the exchange and gifting of loyalty points to your client's loved ones. As a result, you're likely to attract more customers, as our mobile app allows scanning the QR code or barcode on the loyalty card. Our company protects your brand from fraudulent acts and enables online payment for internet purchases, with or without loyalty cards.

How do customers add a loyalty card to their account?

If you're new to crypto, simply curious, or eager to start using Lyzi or a wallet in general, let's explain how customers add their card:

  1. A customer account.
  2. A confirmation email in their inbox.
  3. A text message usually containing a link to a registration window.
  4. In-store.
  5. Promotion of your loyalty program through social media posts.
  6. A mobile app.

How to Use Your Loyalty Card with Lyzi?

At each checkout, present your e-loyalty card in your wallet and pay for your purchases with a credit card or cash. Once done, enjoy your new loyalty points.

What Are the Advantages of Digital Wallets for Customers?

"Besides storing my loyalty card, what benefits am I eligible for?" and we don't blame you. It's a valid question. Don't worry; Lyzi lists the advantages offered to you when using its app:

Why Store Your Loyalty Card in a Wallet?

Storing your loyalty card in a wallet boils down to saving time, money, and a lot of space. Especially in terms of storage, where accumulation is effortless. Moreover, the wallet provides you with payment solutions, such as using a prepaid card or an online card belonging to your bank.

Revolut uses this system to make payments on various online platforms. For those who use public transport like the metro, RER, or buses, it's a straightforward way to present your travel pass.

Additionally, in terms of health, contactless payment will be favored over cash or physical cards. The conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic don't help the economic and financial situation of our partners or the purchasing power of the French population, even with loyalty cards. As for security, Lyzi promises you a form of security that is foolproof, especially regarding your payment cards and transactions.

Paying for your purchases with an easy solution like the Lyzi app guarantees you a better consumer life. Also, using your phone in an additional situation... might not be the best decision for our environment.

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Why you should keep your loyalty cards in your wallet

The loyalty card is a part of our daily life, whether during our shopping or even an unexpected purchase...

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