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January 30, 2024

How to Buy Gift Cards with Lyzi: Freemium Play

We are thrilled to share some great news with you. Lyzi, your favorite crypto payment app, is partnering with Freemium Play, a 100% gift solution dedicated to culture, leisure, and digital entertainment. This collaboration promises an exceptional crypto payment experience and opens up new opportunities for each of you.

Freemium Play: Gift Cards for Digital Entertainment

What is Freemium Play?

Freemium Play is revolutionizing the way we give and consume digital entertainment. It offers a digital gift card that grants access to over 80 partners, covering a variety of services like streaming, gaming, music, digital press, training, and much more. Among the iconic brands available are Spotify, Deezer, PlayStation, Xbox, League of Legends, Twitch, Nintendo e-shop, NordVPN, Disney+, and many others.

Crypto Payments Deployed with Lyzi

With Lyzi, the Freemium Play experience becomes even more accessible. Now, you can purchase Freemium Play gift cards with your favorite cryptocurrencies, combining convenience and security in all your transactions.

How Does It Work?

  1. Choose Your Entertainment: Explore the extensive catalog of Freemium Play and select your favorite services from a multitude of options.
  2. Pay with Lyzi: When choosing your payment method, opt for crypto payment with Lyzi to complete your purchase with ease.
  3. Enjoy Instantly: Receive your digital gift card instantly.

Benefits of this Collaboration

1. Simplified Cashback with Lyzi

Crypto cashback is an opportunity to get back a percentage of the money spent on your purchases, allowing you to save while continuing to enjoy your favorite brands. With Lyzi, cashback becomes a simple and advantageous experience for every purchase.

2. Access to Favorite Brands

You now have access to a range of renowned brands through Freemium Play. From music to gaming, from streaming to online security services, the options are vast and suitable for all tastes.

3. Delight Those You Love

Give Freemium Play gift cards to your loved ones, offering them the flexibility to choose from a multitude of services according to their preferences. A gift that suits everyone, at any time.

With this partnership between Lyzi and Freemium Play, our goal is to make the shopping experience as smooth and diverse as possible. Explore the future of crypto payments and digital entertainment with Lyzi and Freemium Play today!

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements and innovations in the world of crypto payments with Lyzi.

Get your gift cards ready, set, go!

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