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December 8, 2023

How to pay with crypto at Printemps?

Starting from today, you can spend your cryptocurrencies at 14 of the major Printemps department stores in France, the iconic brand synonymous with luxury and fashion. This marks a pivotal moment for the crypto world.

Why is paying with crypto at Printemps a major event?

Let's go through the points:

Let's add that the timing is perfect; Christmas is coming, so you will be able to test crypto payments to spoil your loved ones!

In which Printemps stores can I spend my cryptos?

Here is the list, and note down the address of the Printemps closest to you:

What are my benefits for paying with crypto at Printemps?

Of course, paying in crypto gives you access to benefits! BEWARE, the offer is valid until 31/03/2024 when subscribing to the Printemps loyalty program, the Club Printemps, and upon presentation of your Binance app along with the invitation at the reception of Printemps stores.

Here are the benefits:

Obviously, you will find the traditional cashback on the Lyzi app. So once the shopping is done, don't forget to pocket your cashbacks and stake them on Currently, the monthly yield rate is 8 to 10%... it's definitely worth it.

How to pay with cryptos at Printemps? The operation

No worries, the operation is not complicated!

  1. First, make sure to download the Binance app, create an account, validate it, and have the necessary funds if not already done! Another tip, if possible, set up quick authentication on Binance in this way:
  2. In the next step, please follow the illustrated instructions below. Download Lyzi, create an account, and verify your email instantly. Then, connect your Lyzi app to Binance (tap on the Lyzi logo or directly on "Pay").
  3. Once at Printemps, visit the reception or the store’s Espace Printemps service with your invitation (received by email if you have already downloaded the Lyzi application) and your Binance application.To receive your invitation, download the Lyzi application: it will be sent to you automatically.
  4. Once you have finished shopping, present yourself to the cashier to pay: click on "Pay" in the Lyzi app and enter the desired amount. This will generate a QR Code.
  5. The cashier will scan your QR code, triggering the Binance transaction flow. You will enter your PIN, and that's it!

By participating in this operation, you become part of the cryptocurrency adoption ambassadors worldwide! Please note that this is just the beginning...

Happy shopping and Merry Christmas in advance! 🛍🎄

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