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May 29, 2024

Lyzi Acquires Gardenlab: Revolutionizing Cryptocurrency Payment and Customer Loyalty

Lyzi, a leader in cryptocurrency payment, expands its horizon

We are delighted to announce the acquisition of Gardenlab, a Web3 startup specializing in creating loyalty and reward programs for brands. This merger marks a crucial step in the evolution of our services and promises to redefine the relationships between brands and their customers.

Technological synergy for new markets

Maxime Barthélémy, founder of Gardenlab, shared his enthusiasm: “It is with pride that we join this adventure, and that our expertise is directly integrated into Lyzi's white-label solution. This will open up new promising markets for us. We are more confident than ever in our ability to redefine the relationship between brands and their customers.”

For our CEO and co-founder, Damien Patureaux, the acquisition of Gardenlab fits perfectly into our development strategy: “Gardenlab brings us an additional layer of technology that is fully aligned with our development goals. Our offerings are expanding, and we are proud that Maxime has chosen to integrate with Lyzi.”

An enriched payment offering

The integration of Gardenlab allows us to enhance our payment offering, including loyalty 3.0, NFTs, tokenization, and DeFi. This offering has already attracted numerous partners, such as the LG Auto group, with whom we are preparing an ambitious loyalty 3.0 program. This partnership adds to the adoption of our alternative payment solution, deployed a few months ago.

Simplicity and speed: the key to success

Our model allows merchants to easily accept cryptocurrency payments. The solution, modular and free for the merchant, simply requires scanning a QR code. Thus, the nearly 600 million cryptocurrency holders can pay via one of the many exchanges collaborating with us, such as Binance. Our solution is already in place in prestigious establishments like Beaugrenelle in Paris and Printemps stores across France, with guaranteed next-day euro settlements to the brands' accounts.

Towards a promising future

Thanks to the acquisition of Gardenlab, we are preparing for an even more promising future. The integration of Gardenlab's services now allows cryptocurrency holders to join loyalty programs directly at the time of payment, without requiring complex administrative procedures. Through blockchain technology, brands can offer exclusive rewards and experiences, opening up new possibilities in customer relations.

In conclusion, Lyzi's acquisition of Gardenlab represents a major advancement in cryptocurrency payment and customer loyalty. This strategic alliance propels Lyzi to the forefront of technological innovation, offering merchants and consumers ever more efficient solutions tailored to the needs of the modern market.

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