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June 3, 2024

The Benefits of Crypto Payments for Brands: A Comprehensive Analysis

In an ever-evolving digital world, brands are constantly seeking to stand out and provide exceptional user experiences. The adoption of cryptocurrency payments has proven to be an innovative strategy to achieve this, offering a myriad of advantages for both brands and consumers. This article explores the key benefits of crypto payments for brands, supported by significant case studies.

Reduction of Transaction Fees

Traditional payments, such as credit card transactions, often come with high fees that diminish brand profit margins. In comparison, cryptocurrency payments feature significantly lower transaction fees. With Lyzi, you benefit from zero transaction fees, whereas credit cards typically charge fees of 2 to 3%. This cost reduction can result in significant savings, especially for brands conducting a high volume of transactions.

Access to a Global Market

Cryptocurrencies transcend borders, offering brands the opportunity to reach a global market without the hurdles of traditional currencies and conversion fees. Tesla, a major player in the automotive industry, adopted Bitcoin as early as 2021, thereby expanding its reach to an international market. This not only allowed Tesla to capture a new customer base but also strengthened its reputation as an innovative brand.

Enhanced Security

Cryptocurrency transactions offer a higher level of security through blockchain technology, which records transactions seamlessly and immutably. This significantly reduces the risk of fraud and chargebacks for brands. Newegg, an online retailer specializing in electronics, experienced a significant reduction in fraud after integrating Bitcoin payments, ensuring safer transactions for the brand and its customers.

Expedited Transaction Processing

Unlike traditional payment methods, which can take several days for transaction processing, cryptocurrency payments are often processed within minutes. This enables brands to benefit from improved cash flow and reduce the time between sale and access to funds. Shopify, by offering the option of crypto payment, has enabled its merchants to enjoy fast and efficient transactions, thereby enhancing their financial management.

Customer Loyalty

By adopting cryptocurrency payments, brands can also connect with the crypto community, which is often highly engaged and loyal. This represents a considerable marketing opportunity. The luxury brand Hublot launched a limited edition watch, available exclusively via Bitcoin, specifically targeting the crypto community. This strategy not only generated considerable buzz but also allowed Hublot to position itself as a forward-thinking and inclusive brand.

Challenges and Considerations

Despite these benefits, integrating cryptocurrency payments also presents challenges. Cryptocurrency volatility can impact prices and profit margins, and regulatory issues remain a complex area to navigate. Therefore, brands must conduct thorough analysis and potentially consult cryptocurrency experts to develop an appropriate strategy.

With Lyzi's solution, merchants are protected against cryptocurrency market value fluctuations. Lyzi instantly converts cryptocurrency payments into euros, ensuring stable and secure transactions. This automatic conversion allows merchants to focus on their business without fearing cryptocurrency market volatility.


The adoption of cryptocurrency payments offers brands a range of significant benefits, from reduced transaction fees to access to a global market, enhanced security, and customer loyalty.

In conclusion, as the world continues to move towards an increasingly digitized economy, cryptocurrency payments emerge as a promising path for brands seeking to innovate, secure their transactions, and expand their reach globally.

Brands such as Printemps, LG Auto, Wereldhave or Beaugrenelle shopping centers, and many others have chosen to trust Lyzi for their cryptocurrency payment needs. These companies are joining a growing list of renowned brands that have adopted this new form of payment. By opting for cryptocurrencies, these brands are not only taking a step towards the future of e-commerce but also opening the door to a new era of business opportunities and connections with their customers.

To introduce cryptocurrency payments into your business, Lyzi represents THE solution chosen by thousands of merchants and brands, and it's completely FREE. Contact us now to learn more about integrating our solution.

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